General Assembly 2020-2021

Date:   Wednesday 18 November 2020
Place: Microsoft Teams meeting
Time:  First convocation at 18:00, the second at 18:15

If you are not yet a member, you can still sign up here.

WHY THE PARENTS ASSOCIATION (AMPA)? Because we are all interested in the happiness and education of our children. So that families can work together with the school administration and assume their share of responsibility in this educational community.

WHAT WILL YOU FIND IN THE PARENTS ASSOCIATION? Many families of different origins but united in diversity and a common concern for excellence. 

If you are a new family joining the school, you will find practical information on the functioning of the EEA (European School of Alicante) on this website. Our team is at your disposal to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Take advantage of the benefits that come with the AMPA membership. We also invite you to join our group.

If you are an experienced family, discover all the new features and enjoy the benefits of the AMPA membership.

The different services we offer:

The parents association of the European School of Alicante is responsible for the management of three basic services in the life of the students:

  • Canteen: Our priority is the health of our children. We collaborate with our external provider to ensure high quality standards with fresh products cooked in the kitchen. We remain very vigilant and listen to parents and children’s opinions. 
  • School Buses: Another priority is to ensure both safety and punctuality in comfortable buses, to make the ride to school enjoyable. 
  • Extracurricular Activities: On Wednesday and Friday afternoons, after lunch, primary school children can choose to sign up from a selection of activities, have fun and learn new things: dance, music, sports, chess, cooking classes …

In addition,  the parents association is organized into specific working groups to meet highly varied needs.

Eureka: Management of lost property at school.

Interparents: Improving school condition and sharing knowledge and know how with other European School’s Parents’ Associations. The interparents group also follows the BAC in real time.

Student exchanges: Coordinate student exchanges between the different European schools. 


In addition, a series of working groups exist to meet the specific needs of families and students in order to promote a better environment. Among these groups you will find: the Co-existence Group, the Communication Group, Springfest, … etc. EVERYONE can actively take part in these groups, based on their interests and availability. See who we are.

The Steering Committee is composed of elected family representatives who are elected for two years. The Steering committee is large and dynamic. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US. The more families are involved, the more we can work and improve our school community. We will always be available for your questions and comments.