Book Bank

Dear families,

First of all, we would like to thank the parents who participated in the Book Bank pilot project that we opened in July 2020.

Responsible from AMPA: Bárbara Presti

The team of volunteers is delighted to announce you that 91% of the families who made a donation have received books on loan.

In addition, the families who have joined the Book Bank have received an average of 3 books each, which means a considerable saving and a great increase in the books’ life.

We hope to count on you for the July 2021 campaign !

The instructions with next year’s procedure will be published here in May. Until then, take good care of the books and remember that:

A. The books must be donated in good condition.

B. Books must be donated/returned without the student’s name. When using the book, the student’s name should be written on a sticker on the cover and not on the book.

C. Workbooks and reading books are excluded.

On the other hand, we would like to inform you that the Bank’s volunteers will be in charge of managing the books lost at the school.

 Families who wish to recover a lost book must fill in the following form and send it to our e-mail address.

Lost book form