Elections 2020 – Results

Elections of new members of the AMPA Management Committee

We are very happy because this year we have received 11 applications, which indicates that many families value the work of the Management Committee and are keen to participate. Of the 11 applications, one of them was for renewal as a member, Alfredo Ruiz. Of the remaining 10, 8 have been accepted, 1 has been rejected for not being part of the AMPA, and the remaining candidacy has been annulled by himself.

We are pleased to welcome to the AMPA Management Committee:

Jacoba Johanna Stas
Francesca Dragostin
Tina Filzek
Sara Portela García Miguel
María del Carmen Cantueso Navedo
Massimiliano Kraft
Isabelle Porcheron
Juan Vicente Herráiz Sabater

You can work with us on voluntary basis. Voluntary

If you have any other question, please contact us at info@ampaescuelaeuropea.com.


AMPA Management Committee

Extraordinary General Assembly – 16/09/20

You can access the meeting using the following link...
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Dear European School of Alicante AMPA members,

An Extraordinary General Assembly is hereby convened, on the basis of Article 17 of the STATUTES OF THE PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ALICANTE, with one item on the agenda:

– Authorisation to settle outstanding disputes with the AMPA employee, Mr. Hartmann, by means of a conciliation agreement which would allow his employment contract to be terminated with the corresponding compensation and the supplement of social security contributions. The estimated amount is approximately EUR 60,000.

The date of the Assembly: 16 September 2020
1st call for entries at 18:00
2nd convocation at 18:15

To delegate a vote, please send a written and signed authorization with the photocopy of the DNI/NIE of the delegating member to asamblea@ampaescuelaeuropea.com

Authorization document:

Loutstanding disputes

This content is for members only.

Given the importance of the subject to be discussed, we would appreciate your presence.

Kind regards,

AMPA Management Committee