Uniforms Orders

Dear families,

You have the possibility of making new orders of cotton uniforms from September 30th until October 5th inclusive. All you have to do is indicate that you would like cotton garments through:

–          The School Dept. located on the 3rd floor of the El Corte Ingles (Fashion building)

–          El Corte Ingles shop located in the EUIPO

–          Calling 618 245 457

Please note that you can order the synthetic uniforms any time throughout the school term and cotton uniforms twice during the school term. Shirts in size 2 are only available in cotton.

Kind regards,

The Steering Committee of the Parents Association

University of Alicante Science fair!

The University of Alicante presents the EUROPEAN RESEARCH NIT thus joining the more than 370 cities in 30 European countries participating in this event. Organized from UA Divulga, Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i) of the University of Alicante, it will take place next Friday, September 27, 2019, from 5:00 p.m. to 1 a.m., on the campus of San Vicente del Raspeig.


Around 400 researchers and students from all the UA centers participate in this long launch of science open to the whole society, in which you can enjoy more than 35 activities that cover all areas of knowledge.

Discover the program of the European Nit of the Research of the UA and COME AND LIVE THE SCIENCE! #UAdivulga

Welcoming Primary 1 children back to school

The AMPA was invited by the school to welcome this year’s Primary 1 children and their parents. Following adorable singing, dancing and reciting performances by Primary 2 classes, the AMPA steering committee representatives briefly explained what the parents association does and how parents can get involved in the school’s community. 
In the next two weeks, the members of the AMPA Steering Committee will visit each class meetings to briefly explain the services AMPA provides and what to look forward to in the coming months. 

Spooky AMPA Notice Board

The AMPA notice board in Primary took a spooky turn today, with information on AMPA memberships.

“Direct Debits are Dead” is the message, with the focus now being given to online membership, which is saving vast amounts of time in administration not to mention security and compliance with GDPR laws.

For more information click here