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The working group “Co-existence” welcomes you to our small space from which we wish to share with all families the concerns, objectives and activities of the PA related to the emotional and social environment in which the schooling of our children takes place.

We intend that this page serves to exchange information with the maximum transparency about the activities and management that we carry out.

Our objective is to collaborate with the school and the families in the prevention and treatment of the problems of co-existence that may arise. The PA, and specifically this working group, is always available to offer our help to all members of the educational community.

We cannot allow the problems of coexistence that have been detected in recent years to become chronic and part of everyday school life.

European schools, because of their cultural and linguistic diversity, are more prone to problems of co-existence and bullying than other schools. However, this can be prevented if measures are taken and the whole educational community is involved in eliminating this scourge.

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From the working group of the Steering Committee co-existence we would like to thank all the people who throughout all these years have supported us and are supporting us, either with newspaper clippings that they leave on the desk of the Office, or with emails in which they send us interesting links on issues related to co-existence, either with a call, a message, or a few words when we meet, you have been hundreds of people who participated in one way or another to make this space possible.

From the PA we will continue to provide appropriate content for all.