Whether you are a student preparing your BAC, a teacher or a parent, the European School plays an important role in your life for many years. We all share the experience of a unique form of education, founded on the principles of European integration, openness, collaboration, diversity and multilingualism. Together we form a huge network that stretches far beyond the borders of the European Union. 

Alumni Europae wants to help you to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. But the ambition of the association is also to provide guidance and practical support for its members. It wishes to harvest the collective intelligence and experience of years upon years of new and former graduates and associates of all the European Schools. 

How active, dynamic and useful the association is will be up to its members. First and foremost it provides a tool to keep in touch with the people you spent some unforgettable moments with. But it can be a lot more. Perhaps you have ideas and feel like getting involved for a period of time? Don’t hesitate to sign up and connect with a great group of like-minded people! Find out more on the web site: https://alumnieuropae.org/