AMPA Dreams Fund

Make some dreams come true!!

AMPA is pleased to announce the launch of a new School Community Project Fund called AMPA Dreams, which is open for applications from the whole school community.

As announced during our General Assembly in October 2022, AMPA can now start using the funds which were kept on hold since 2016 because of the long legal process with the AMPA’s former employee. Once the process had been resolved, and since we are a non-profit association, it is now time to redistribute a significant part of these funds.

But spending is NOT EASY, so AMPA needs your HELP!

AMPA Dreams can support a variety of projects which might include a Master Class on any subject, sports or interests, an attraction for the Spring Fest or a special date celebration. The fund can assist in the financing of theatre plays, concerts or conferences at school. Acquisition of material for art, music or science classes or sports equipment and playground games could also benefit from this fund.

Whether you are a pupil, a teacher, a parent, or a member of staff, please do not hesitate to present your ideas and proposals which could benefit the school community.

We have made the application process as simple as possible and are ready to assist you in case you have questions or wish to discuss an idea before submitting your application.

It is now your turn to act, to turn your School into the School of your dreams!

Information to be submitted by applicants

    Call for proposal Reference Number

    Project description and calendar for implementation

    Objectives (more than one box can be ticked):

    More information

    School agreement:

    Total budget (in EUR):

    Contribution requested (in EUR):

    Other sources of funding (in EUR):


    Deadline of delivery:

    Declaration of honor to undertake the projects according to the specifications above,

    Attached documents (pdf format):