Winners 1st Edition AMPA Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the first edition of the AMPA awards “Teenagers against COVID”.


1º Prize My life in times of COVID

2º Prize ParCovid

3º Prize Keep yourself and everybody around you safe

AMPA representatives: Bárbara Prestigiacomo y Joan Stas
Teachers and management representatives: Tiago Pita y María Bordoy
Students representatives : Pedro Banz y Stefan Kolev (blank ballot)

Publication of awards: 5th March 2021

1º prize: My life in times of COVID

Sent by: Pinky
Description: Pinky is going to show you how the life as a teenager changes in times of COVID

2º prize: ParCovid

Sent by: CmaXou06
Description: Respecte les mesures de sécurité, sinon va-t’en!

3º prize: Keep yourself and everybody around you safe

Sent by: You are never too young to make a difference
Description: This is a scene between a daughter and a mother. It shows the current worldwide problem. The daughter represents what some teenagers nowadays think about the virus. We hope this video will encourage people to send out the message that this virus is real so that we can stop it, but only if we are united.

Solidary project: do not throw the food away

Since the beginning of the school year, the AMPA of the European School of Alicante (EEA) has been carrying out a solidarity project in collaboration with the NGO SINTIGO AYUDA and with the help of AUSOLAN, the company that runs the school canteen.

The daily surplus from the school canteen, around 3%, is donated to SINTIGO for distribution to people and families in need.

Due to the pandemic and the resulting individual and class confinements, these surpluses have recently become more important. On the other hand, the need is also growing.

Under normal conditions, we donate about 40 packages per day, often containing two portions. With the confinements, we are now reaching 90 on some days. This means that between 90 and 180 needy people will have something to eat that day.

On Wednesday 3rd of February, the School management informed the whole school  community of its decision to close the school and switch to distance learning the week of 8-12 February.

As a consequence, Ausolan, faced with the impossibility of offering its services, not even in the take-away mode, and to avoid a one-week ERTE of its 60 employees, in collaboration with AMPA, will prepare for SINTIGO all the raw materials and perishables already purchased and that cannot be preserved or donated in their condition. 

15kg vegetables · 60kg fruits
150 flans · 900 portions

Ausolan will reimburse 30%, cost of raw materials in the next bill to the families registered in the canteen.  Ausolan will also take advantage of this week to carry out the cleaning and disinfection tasks planned for the holiday week.

Listen the interview on the radio COPE · 05feb (Spanish)


Message from Sintigo NGO

In these difficult times we ask for your help again. We need financial resources to continue with our initiative to feed many of our residents in Alicante. If you want to collaborate with us or if you want to become a member please make a donation to the following account:
ES68 0073 0100 5905 0601 6756 (bank account belong to Sintigo). 

Elections 2020 – Results

Elections of new members of the AMPA Management Committee

We are very happy because this year we have received 11 applications, which indicates that many families value the work of the Management Committee and are keen to participate. Of the 11 applications, one of them was for renewal as a member, Alfredo Ruiz. Of the remaining 10, 8 have been accepted, 1 has been rejected for not being part of the AMPA, and the remaining candidacy has been annulled by himself.

We are pleased to welcome to the AMPA Management Committee:

Jacoba Johanna Stas
Francesca Dragostin
Tina Filzek
Sara Portela García Miguel
María del Carmen Cantueso Navedo
Massimiliano Kraft
Isabelle Porcheron
Juan Vicente Herráiz Sabater

You can work with us on voluntary basis. Voluntary

If you have any other question, please contact us at


AMPA Management Committee