If you’re interested in helping our planet concretely, if you care about your children’s future in this time of climate emergency, or if you’re just interested in healthier food, then this workshop is just what you need!

Josick van Dromme, EMAS correspondent in DG International Partnerships, will share and discuss with you about sustainable food. She will also present the new EU Staff for Climate Cookbook, which she co-authored, featuring many yummy plant-rich recipes.

You can also find in it some practical tips and information, to help you make your food more environment-friendly and nutritionally balanced. 

Meet and discuss with us
on Tuesday 21st September 2021
from 12.30 to 14.00
Register here

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Tel: +32 2 296 25 89

Elections members of the Management Committee of AMPA

Enrollment period: from September 10 to 24

In order to continue offering services to enrolled families, PA need to maintain the Management Committee (MC) active with volunteer families.

The Management Committee is just a group of volunteer families who dedicate their time to manage the basic services of Transport, Canteen and Extracurricular activities, as well as other essential services. Within the Management Committee there are four important positions which are: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, these four positions make up the Board of the Management Committee. In addition to these essential positions there are other very important positions in order to maintain all the services that the association offers.

Each year, the Management Committee (MC) must present elections to renew the members, and this is moment when families can participate. In the following document you will find more information about the MC and the nominations.

Elections information

Application form

Winners 2nd Edition AMPA Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the second edition of the AMPA awards
“Your vision of women”.


1º Prize Powtoon*

2º Prize Orden de las cosas

3º Prize Sonnet

AMPA representatives: Bárbara Prestigiacomo and Isabelle Porcheron
Teachers and management representatives: Tiago Pita and Deborah Nicholson
Students representatives: Roque Gil Sato, Paula Serna Kuhl

Publication of awards: 12th May 2021

*For legal reasons the winning video cannot be displayed on AMPA website. This could be seen any time, offline, by contacting one of the AMPA Management committee members