Communication within the family

Date: Tuesday 07/12/2021

The talk organized by the AMPA Talks working group was a success, the speakers were very active and involved the families. We have dealt with concrete and everyday situations and have proposed alternatives to improve family communication.

Below are the links to the material provided, although it is not representative of everything we worked on and experienced live.

– Orientations for dealing with family conflicts and difficulties. Manual para padres y madres (CEAPA).
– La comunicación en familia

We thank Raluca Lupu and Diana Ruiz for the pleasant time we shared.

Speaker: Raluca Lupu y Diana Ruiz, child and adolescent psychologists
Date: Tuesday 07/12/2021 6.00pm
Format: Online.
Target audience: Members of the AMPA EEA
Language: Spanish (possibility of doing in January in english. Those interested please fill in the registration form)
Estimated time: 60 minutes
Organized by AMPA of the European School of Alicante

Come to the AMPATalk session and you will find out! Please register with this  link

Table etiquette

As many families requested, Ausolan has launched the project “Protocol at the table”. On November 9, students from 3rd and 4th grade of German, when they arrived at the dining room, they found a different table, a table full of cutlery, plates, glasses, cups, etc. According to Eliana Hortal Sanchez, head of Ausolan, the students enjoyed it very much:

“The children had a great time and learned how to put their napkin on when sitting at the table, how to hold a glass correctly, how to use a knife and fork correctly.
We gave them water and red grape juice as a drink, to make it look like red wine. They loved the experience.”

Next dates will be:
4ESA: 15/11
4EN(mitad): 16/11
4EN (mitad): 02/12
4FR: 22/11
5EN: 23/11
5ES: 25/11
5FR: 30/11

Do you want to learn how to solve problems with your child?

Would you like to have tools to manage them?

Sign up for the course RESOLUTION OF CONFLICTS WITH ADOLESCENTS, organized by the Department of Education of the City of Alicante and aimed at parents with teenage sons and daughters in the city of Alicante.

We start next October 28, 2021 and the course will remain open until November 30.

During three weeks we will propose topics that, through a dynamic and facilitating learning methodology, at the pace that you and you mark, you can read and work its content, as well as participate in its forum.

And to resolve any doubts you may have during the course, on Friday, November 19 at 10:00 am, there will be an online meeting through the ZOOM platform with the course tutor.

To register you must fill in the following registration form:

Before the start of the course we will provide you with a link and the access codes to the email address you provide.

You can share this information on the website or social networks of your school, association (AMPA) or other resource that you think may be interested.

For any information about the course you can write to us by email:

EUREKA! Donations

What happened to what was lost last academic year?
About 70% of the approximately 500 lost items collected in the 2020-2021 academic year had no name and were never claimed. EUREKA! has donated more than 300 items (especially sweatshirts and jackets), as well as pencil cases, water bottles,… from the 2020-2021 academic year to:

Nuevo Futuro (plus-size clothing)
 Asociación Ashoma

Both associations thank the EEA for the donation and are very grateful as they serve vulnerable groups. EUREKA! remembers the school community:

Please mark clothing and EVERYTHING that children bring to school with first name, last name and class SECTION!

Have you lost an item?
Fill this form and EUREKA! will find it.

Christmas lottery

Since the traditional Christmas Market will not be held this year and therefore we will not be able to raise funds for donations, AMPA CdG has decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of the Christmas Lottery tickets to charities.

We are keeping the same number as in previous years, 21923. The tickets can be purchased online and then picked up at the administration El Negrito in Alicante. The price of the tenth is 23€ which corresponds to 20€ of tenth and 3€ of donation.

Good luck!