In the Newsletter for the whole school community of 19/01/2024, the Director shared the Whole School Inspection (WSI) final report. During the inspection, 8 parent representatives were invited to a one-hour meeting with the inspection team. We thank all parents who took time to participate in the survey to help to provide parents feedback and we would like to share with you the parents’ contribution given to the WSI team.

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Whole school inspections (WSI) in European Schools provide an external evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning and the overall effectiveness of a school in order to improve the quality of education. 

WSIs should provide constructive feedback, possibilities for reflection, analysis and comparison and provide the schools and the system with recommendations for future developments.

The third round of whole school inspections the focus is on teaching and learning – the core business of the school.

The inspection of the European School of Alicante will be carried out from Monday 27/11 to Friday 01/12 by:

Mr John FITZGERALD (Ireland), Ms Tuulamarja HUISMAN (Finland), Ms Linda BLOMDAHL (Sweden), Ms Natasa LOVRIC (Croatia), Mr David TRAN (Director of the ES Brussels I).

A common approach is being taken to engaging with each stake-holder group. This common approach is centred on the Lundy model for engaging with learners. The Lundy model identifies 4 constituent elements for effective engagement with learners’ voice

  • Space: provide a safe and inclusive space (setting) for children to express their views
  • Voice: provide appropriate information and facilitate the expression of children’s views,
  • Audience: ensure that children’s views are communicated to someone with the responsibility to listen,
  • Influence: ensure that children’s views are taken seriously and acted upon, where appropriate.

Conscious of these 4 principles for engaging with the Learners’ Voice and believing that these 4 principles can be equally valid for engaging with teachers and parents, the inspection team will hear Learners’, Teachers and Parents’ Voice during WSIs.

You will find more information on WSI in the following document:

Common framework for School Inspections