Exchanges are ongoing again for the school year 2023-2024!

The mobility programme offers S5 secondary students (and exceptionally S4 students) to spend a full semester in a European School other than the one they are currently attending.

The European Schools involved carry out the administrative management, while AMPA collaborates by helping exchange students find host homes for the semester.

The AMPA exchange team will be happy to help students who have been accepted to move to the European School of Alicante to find a host family during the exchange period.

For more information about the mobility programme we recommend you to visit the website of the European School of Alicante, where you will find the requirements, application dates and forms. Remember that you have to do it in January of the school year prior to the requested exchange (i.e. same calendar year).

Hosting of students

The students arrive at the beginning of the school year in September and we need your collaboration to provide them with accommodation. Hosting exchange students is a rewarding experience for both the host family and the students.

> Information for host families

Due to data protection reasons, the school in principle cannot share the information received in the applications. Therefore, we ask both exchange students and hosting families to provide some information. This information will be treated confidential and only be shared with the possible matching families.

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    More Information

    To register for the AMPA services, you have all the information on our website, in the menus of canteen and transport. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

    Francesca Dragostin

    Massimiliano Kraft

    After school activities for secondary are managed by the school; you will find all the information in this link:


    No, the mobility programme is only between European Schools (including accredited schools) and therefore only students from European Schools can participate.


    No, exchanges take place in the first semester, from September to December.

    No, exchanges are for the full period from September to December (both included).