AMPA of the European School of Alicante is a member of InterParents, the federation of all European School Parents’ Associations. The main purpose of InterParents is to share information about best practices in the different European Schools and to represent the voice of families in the different bodies of the European Schools.

According to the InterParents statutes, 4 parent representatives from each Parents’ Association are invited to actively participate in the work of InterParents.

If you are willing to travel up to 4 times a year and attend InterParents meetings held in different European Schools and also meetings held at OSGES level, join the InterParents working group of the PA.

The InterParents working group of the AMPA of the European School of Alicante actively participates in the development and decision making of the education policy of the European Schools. Our representatives take part in InterParents meetings four times a year, organized on a rotating basis by different European Schools. They also participate in the meetings of the various administrative bodies of the European Schools, ( such as the Board of Governors, the Joint Teaching Committee and the Budgetary Committee.

The Interparents BAC working group (​) closely follows the annual BAC exams and its representatives are available to answer any questions during and after the final exams. Families and students can send their comments and complaints via the following web platform ( as well as receive help on what procedure to follow.

We participate in following meetings

  • InterParents Bureau meetings (Reet Escribano). Composition of the InterParents Bureau: 
    • President: Helen Valentine (Luxembourg I)
    • Vice-president: Reet Escribano (Alicante)
    • Secretary: Eleanna Stergiouli (EEB III)
    • Co-secretary: Alison Micklem (Varese)
  • InterParents general meetings (preparations to the Joint Teaching Committee, Budgetary Committee and Board of Governors - delegates of all the AMPAs of the EEs, from Alicante Reet Escribano).
  • InterParents working group meetings (delegates from all the EEs' AMPAs, from Alicante Reet Escribano).
  • OSG working group meetings (organised by the Secretary Generals Office of the European Schools - representatives of all stakeholders of the Schools, from InterParents are among the delegates Reet Escribano).
  • Joint Teaching Committee (JTC) meetings (representatives of all stakeholders of the European Schools, on behalf of InterParents one of the delegates is Reet Escribano). 
  • Board of Governors (BoG) meetings (representatives of the EU member states' delegations, representatives of all stakeholders, on behalf of InterParents one of the delegates is Reet Escribano).



In order to participate in InterParents you have to be a management committee Parents association (AMPA) member.

A wide range of topics are discussed: general, pedagogical, management of the services provided by the school. Any topic of daily life in European schools is dealt with at InterParents.