General Topics

In Early Education, Primary and Secondary there is a psychologist available to pupils and teachers. Families interested in contacting this service should contact the corresponding deputy headmasters or talk to their class teachers.

SMS is the system used by the School to transmit all academic information to Primary and Secondary families. Within it you will find information about subjects, emails sent, calendar, grades, etc. To access it you have to do it from the School’s website
If you have forgotten your password or user name, please contact the School

The Teams platform is a service offered by the School, therefore access is from the portal:
To access it, the student’s email address and password are required. If you have any problems with access, please contact the School

In Early education and Primary you have to send an email to
The public pediatric system does not usually issue an absence excuse. The regulations in Spain state that the parent or guardian is responsible for the student’s absence from school.

In secondary school, absences must be reported to the class councilor, here you will find contact information:

The school day is already long, which is why end-of-year meetings are held during school hours. However, teachers are free to choose the time within the school day.

The school informs that, in the case of prolonged absences, the school will inform the families. Short-term and spontaneous absences are the responsibility of the management and it will not be necessary to inform families.

Twice a year, approximately March/April and November/December.

School year takes an obligatory 180 days per school year. The holiday calendar is approved one year in advance by the Governing Board and cannot be changed afterwards. The choice of holidays to be included in the School’s calendar is complex. Local, national and European public holidays and the dates chosen in parallel by EUIPO have to be considered. In addition, the number of public holidays per year must be respected, as well as the number of weeks of holidays and the total hours of the school year.
Complaints in this respect should be addressed to the school management.

No, L2 and L3 cannot be changed during the course, nor from one year to the next.

No. L2 is started according to the rules of the European Schools in Primary 1. In fact, the issue was discussed at the JTC (join teacher committee in February 2020) and the proposal was rejected. The official documents related to this issue are published on the European Schools website:,
specifically, this one:

The class ratio is 30 boys and 30 girls. The official documents related to this issue are published on the website of the European Schools:, specifically this one: en

The discount is the same as for siblings.

On the School’s website you will find the protocols and communications related to the pandemic.


To become a member of AMPA you must first be registered at the European School of Alicante. Then you can register on our website

You can find a contact form at the header of the website and all our email addresses in AMPA/MAIN CONTACT menu page. Our general email address is

You can collaborate in two ways:
1- As a volunteer participating in specific projects or collaborating with the working groups already formed. Here you have the form to collaborate as a volunteer:
2- You can be part of the Management Committee and get involved throughout the year in the activities managed by AMPA. This modality requires some availability to be present at the annual meetings and to get involved in the projects. At the beginning of each school year, the registration period for the Management Committee is open.

You can unsubscribe from the «Unsubscribe» menu in the members area or by sending an email to

To change your details, you must first access the user area of the AMPA website and then go to the «payment portal» menu. In the following link you will find more details of the procedure.


Payments are made from June 15th to July 15th and from the 1st of September to the 31st of May of the following year. All payments from September to May will be collected the following year in July. For example, if the AMPA fee has been paid in September 2022, the next school year’s fee will be charged in July 2023. If the AMPA fee has been paid in March 2023 (families who start the school year in the middle), the next school year’s fee will be charged in July 2023.

You can unsubscribe from the «Unsubscribe» menu in the members area or by sending an email to

Please access to payment portal and change your credit card.

No, every year a new charge will be done with the credit card provided. If you paid by bank transfer then you will be requested to make a new payment. You always can change the method of payment by informing CdG.

This is not necessary. The service providers are aware of who is a member of AMPA. You can still download the membership certificate from the member’s area.

Main Services



The contact person for MiSol is Juan Antonio Miralles:
699 887 563

From AMPA the contact email is

For security reasons the bus stops are only published on our website for the association members. However, if you need guidance on bus stops due to moving requirements, please email us at

After-School Activities

AUCA’s contact person is Noelia: 607921801 –
AMPA’s contact email is

At the beginning of each school year we upload the list of extracurricular activities to the AMPA website. Here you will find more information:

Yes, any family which start an activity in the middle of the school year, or any new family to the School can contact AUCA to register. Depending on the number of places available, you will be able to sign up.

Other Services

AMPA Talks

AMPA Talks are open to the entire school community, adults, teenagers, children, teachers and other school staff. Everybody is also welcome as speakers, or to submit proposals for talks.

If you are interested in volunteering in the AMPA Talks working group, please send us an email to, would very much welcome new volunteers.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the school community, AMPA Talks offers you the opportunity. Send us an email to and let us know what topic you would like to talk about, and we will find a date to organize the talk.

Family Buddy

Family Buddy is a service open to all school families.

Book Bank

Yes, from the 2021-2022 academic year, school reading books will be accepted.

No, donations are in June and July and loans are made the first week of September.

Soy una familia nueva en la escuela y necesito un libro

Por favor, envíanos un email indicando el o los libros que necesites y te responderemos.

I am a new family at the school and I need a book.

Please send us an email indicating the book you need and we will get back to you.

EUREKA! Lost Property

Monday 16:00 to 16:30
Tuesday 8:30 to 9:00 (from November onwards)
Wednesday 9:00 to 9:30
Thursday (for students) 12:30 to 13:15
Friday 8:45 to 9:15


The presence of a volunteer is necessary to access the school and EUREKA! It is best to make sure beforehand that there will be a volunteer present on the day and time you go to the school.

Yes, it is possible to exchange «garment for garment». To do so, please contact the EUREKA! teams and indicate which garment you would like to give and which you would like to receive in exchange.

Mobility Programme

No, the mobility programme is only between European Schools (including accredited schools) and therefore only students from European Schools can participate.


No, exchanges take place in the first semester, from September to December.

No, exchanges are for the full period from September to December (both included).

School Uniforms

Uniforms are purchased directly from El Corte Inglés. Here you have the contact information.

El Corte Inglés
Avda. Maisonnave, 53
Fashion Building
3rd floor (kids’ department)
School section
03003 Alicante
Tlf. 965 925 001 Ext. 2290

EUIPO shop
Tlf. 965 137 121
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 to 18:30

You can choose between synthetic or cotton. Depending on the material, the model and availability may vary.