Here we introduce some of the staff that makes up AUCA, who spend Wednesday and Friday afternoons with our children. We will add information monthly.

Name Role

Noelia Martín Ruiz
Responsible and Coordinator of EEA extracurricular activities since 2016
Director and coordinator of children's and youth educational free time activities (Certificate of professionalism - Ministry of Employment and Ss)
Professional with extensive experience in team management. Specialist educator in nursery schools, coordinator and educator/monitor of extracurricular activities in educational centers.
Specialized in free time programs and activities with children from 0 to 16 years old (vacation schools, thematic workshops, trips, excursions, social intervention programs, etc.)
I am an active, committed person, with social skills and optimal integration into work teams.

Gustavo Cano Sánchez
More than 20 years of experience with clubs and schools in the base category of futsal. Mission: To teach that soccer is a collective sport in which everyone participates and must work to improve individually and as a team. based on the values of Respect, Education and Companionship.
Responsible for the competition teams at the EEA
Since 2016, I have coordinated and managed access to school competition through meetings with the school league, management of player licenses, kits, matches, and attention and information to families through group chat.
I am a committed person with a great capacity for learning and adaptability to new environments and responsibilities.

Elena Bernabéu
Emotional development
Certified educational, family and child-youth coach. Creative, empathetic, committed and open to learning from each experience or everyday situation with confidence and proactivity.
Among other things, I accompany families, teachers, children and young people in their comprehensive development and to offer resources and tools that positively impact the protection of well-being in educational environments, through the Coaching for Little Heroes entrepreneurship project.
For 4 years, she has led the Workshop for Emotional Development in primary education at the European School of Alicante, through its extracurricular activities. I focus on covering the need to accompany the participating boys and girls in their emotional development, two hours a week, in their educational leisure time. It is a pleasure to be part of this great adventure.

Luis Latour
Guitar A
Hello! I am Luis, a guitar and ukulele teacher with extensive experience in music teaching. I have had the privilege of sharing my passion for music in various educational institutions, from schools to music schools and high school rock schools.
In addition to my educational work, I lead a rock group aimed at children and families, Gatetemon. This project has been an enriching experience that has allowed me to combine my love of music with the joy of connecting with children and their families through vibrant melodies and fun lyrics.
As part of Auca's extracurricular activities at the European School of Alicante, I am excited to contribute to the musical and artistic development of the students. My pedagogical approach focuses on making music accessible and exciting for students.
I look forward to continuing to work with all the talented musicians at our school!

Guitar and ukulele B
Hi, my name is Samanta and I am a guitar and ukulele teacher. I have taught the love of music in different schools to children of all ages, and I have seen how their passion for music has grown. I am a soprano in the choir Orfeón Cantábile and I know many styles of music, from the most classical to the most modern. As a primary school teacher, I am able to empathise with my students by using pedagogical and motivational techniques that help them to overcome their goals and continue advancing in their learning.
It's an honour to work with you and to be surrounded by so much talent!

Mandarin Chinese
My name is José López Rodriguez and I am a language teacher with more than 20 years of experience.
I majored in Mandarin Chinese, studied in Spain and later in China at Jiao Tong University in Shang Hai (上海交通大学).
In 2016 I started teaching Chinese at the European School of Alicante where I have been teaching this wonderful language to primary school students for 8 years now.

Hi, I'm Felipa Nogales Teacher of Computer Science in Extra-schools:
I have a solid educational background, including high school studies, vocational training and a variety of specialised courses, from office automation to online security, in which I am in continuous training.
I have more than 7 years of experience in the European School of Alicante.
Through the Extracurricular Activities at Auca, I contribute to the development of the students, teaching them the proper use of computer applications, both online and offline.
In my teaching methodology, I seek to make computing accessible and exciting, adapted to each student, encouraging creativity and developing the skills and aptitudes of each student, thus preparing them for the future.
I proudly hope to continue, as I have done in recent years, to contribute my experience to the growth of the students in the school.