The representatives are very important as a link between AMPA, the school and the families of the classes. Each year class representatives and section representatives are elected.

Class representatives

Each class from Infant to Secondary must have a class representative. The main functions are as follows:

  1. To establish a list of the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all families in their class to share information.
  2. To participate in meetings organized by the AMPA MC.
  3. To channel the communication between families, School and AMPA.
  4. To transmit all information regarding the environment, including information coming from the AMPA MC, to the families.
  5. To deal with problems that arise in the classroom.

The current year class representatives are:

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Section representatives

Each language section (ES, EN, FR, DE) and each level of study (primary and secondary) must have a section representative. The main function is to participate in the Education Councils, collecting all the issues that the families of their section wish to discuss.

The current year the section representatives are:

Representative Substitute
Francesca Dragostin
  Representative Substitute
German Kirstin Weber
Sussy Scardocchia
Spanish David Melguizo Megías
French Bárbara Prestigiacomo
Hugo Salgado Barreira
English Massimiliano Kraft
Paula Moreno Jones
  Representative Substitute
German Tina Filzek
Maria José Rodríguez García
Spanish Maribel Alcaraz Encina
French Sara Portela
Bárbara Prestigiacomo
English Eleonora Wagner
Rachel Taylor


Class representatives have two basic functions:

  1. To manage general problems in the class. For example, if a number of pupils in the class have a common problem, the class representative contacts the teacher (or the school management) on behalf of the whole class. Some classes also have a bank account for common expenses. Depending on the class, the class representative can manage this bank account or a treasurer is elected.
  2. To be the link between the Management Committee (MC) of AMPA and the class. The AMPA MC has a WhatsApp group where information is posted. The role of the class representative is to relay this information to the families in their class.

The election of a class representative is annual, a class representative, and in most cases a deputy class representative is elected every September at the beginning of the school year.

In this case a new representative must be elected, or if there is a deputy representative, he or she will step in.

Depending on the degree of involvement of each person and the structure of each class, but as far as AMPA is concerned, it does not require a lot of time. The MC sends on average one message per week for dissemination.

Depending on the degree of involvement of each person, but as a general rule the class representative does not participate in meetings with the AMPA MC or the school management.