On 1 and 2 December, AMPA had the honour to host in the European School of Alicante the InterParents preparatory meeting to the Board of Governors (BoG) of the European Schools meeting. Volunteer parent representatives from all 13 schools came together (some in situ, some online) for two days, to discuss the BoG agenda topics and prepare the interventions on behalf of all families of the European Schools. From Alicante, Reet Escribano, Sara Portela, Tina Filzek and Kristina Cunningham participated.

Among the current “hot topics” discussed at the meeting were the language policy of the European Schools, the student mobility framework, schools’ compliance with 180 school days, and changes in the General Rules of the European Schools about security.

On Friday morning, Mr Bordoy, the Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, joined the meeting for a discussion about some of these topics.

On Friday afternoon, an information session was organized for new InterParents representatives. Parents of our school were welcome to join this session online, in order to find out more about what InterParents is doing for the whole school community.