On 09/01/2023, all parents received the information from the school about the new accident insurance applicable from 01/01/2023. We invite you all to carefully read the documents as it contains an important change for families. From now on, all expenses incurred in connection with any accident during school time should be paid by parents and will be reimbursed by the insurance company

AMPA Management Committee has asked the Administrative Board to clarify what will happen in case the parents can not be reached by phone (how the hospital will be chosen), in case accidents occur during school trips and outings, as well as in cases where the family is unable to pay the full amount of the hospital bill. The insurance covers a maximum amount of 2 million euros per case. We also referred to the availability of direct billing in JSIS, which seems not to be applicable for the new school accident insurance. As soon as we receive answers from the Secretary General’s office, we will inform you.