Help with payments

For the management of annual payments we have the help of Stripe, which is a payment service provider that allows us to make collections with credit and debit cards in addition to making an automatic subscription so you do not have to worry about payment year after year.

Card updates, regardless of the reason for changing the means of payment, could be managed by the Payment Portal. In order to access this portal follow these steps:

From any page of the website you must identify yourself as a partner from the menu that appears in the right column as “Member Zone”.

After logging in, a link to the “Payment Portal” will appear.

From this portal you will be able to review payments made, download receipts, delete and add credit cards.


The Payment Portal screen does not appear
Sometimes the payment gateway screen that should appear in a second browser tab or window does not.

This is because our browser blocks pop-up windows. Here are some links that can help you configure your browser to prevent this.


Error: User could not be found:
If you try to access the payment gateway and receive a page with the error message that the user (email) could not be found, please contact support to fix it. This is most likely due to the AMPA email account not being the same as the Stripe account.

For any questions, please, contact either our treasurer if it is a financial issue or our support management if it is a technical issue. You will receive a reply shortly.