How is EUREKA organized?

In general, all objects found inside the buildings are collected and hung on the respective racks in the school corridors, giving their owners time to retrieve them.

In Nursery: Everything the teachers have not been able to identify is taken to the premises destined for EUREKA!

In Primary: Everything is organized in the “EUREKA! corner”, on racks and shelves, which is located in the main hall leading to the patio, next to the secretariat.
In the first instance, students will have the possibility to collect their lost items there.
The teachers are in the habit of passing through this corridor with their students, and they help by encouraging them to look for and collect their belongings.
2º After 2 weeks, the volunteers move everything to the EUREKA premises! (in the nursery building).

In Secondary: Ms. Vadillo contacts the owner of all items that are identifiable, in case the clothes are marked with their names and surnames.

Los objetos de valor y de primera necesidad tales como gafas, llaves, relojes, móviles, monederos, etc… serán llevados a las respectivas secretarías (de Primaria y la de los Consejeros en Secundaria). Valuable and essential objects such as glasses, keys, watches, mobiles, wallets, etc… will be taken to the respective secretariats (Primary and Secondary School Councillors).

Custody of lost property:

All objects identified by name will be available for one year for recovery.
All other unidentified items will be removed according to the need for space to accommodate other incoming items. This is valid for both Primary and Secondary.

After this period, all the objects that have not been recovered will be donated to charitable organizations or sold at the School’s Solidarity Market, with the aim of collaborating in the School’s solidarity projects!

Project Effectiveness: EUREKA! cares about your stuff, don’t you?

For greater service efficiency, it is vital that the objects susceptible to loss (PE uniforms, warm clothing and the most valuable objects: books, backpacks, bags, shoes or utensils for extracurricular activities) are duly identified.
We suggest that you mark the objects especially with:

Last name
Name (or initial)

In that order! A quick, simple and economical way is to use indelible pens or markers.

A support service like this requires everyone’s cooperation. For this reason we understand that parents who can contribute a little of their time (1 hour a month, for example) participate in this project.

Participation is fundamental if we want to maintain this service, as it is necessary to have a stable and varied group of volunteers who can take over according to the circumstances. Your collaboration will be essential so that this service does not stop working due to a lack of volunteers to maintain it.

Therefore, we invite you to contact our team by e-mail at