The Alicante European School’s Interparents working group is a member of Interparents, the federation of all the European School’s Parents Associations. The main aim of Interparents is to share best practices between all European Schools and represent parents in the meetings of the European Schools’ administrative bodies. 

The Alicante European School’s Interparents working group is actively involved in the making and decision-taking process of the European School’s Educational Policies. Our representatives take part in Interparents meetings four times a year, organised rotatively by different European Schools, as well as in the meetings of the European schools’ various administrative bodies  (, such as The Board of Governors, The Joint Teaching Committee (JTC), The Budgetary Committee).

The Alicante European School’s Interparents working group: 

  • Has currently the honour of holding the position of Secretary of Interparents;
  • Is part of the Educational Advisers working group;
  • Has participated twice so far in Joint Teaching Committee meetings.

Alicante’s Interparents representative will be leading the Interparents JTC team’s work in the school year 2019/2020. In parallel the European school of Alicante will be hosting the pre-Board of Governors meeting in April 2020. Our Interparents working group will therefore be responsible for some of its preparatory work. 

Finally, the Interparents’ BAC working group (​) follows closely the yearly BAC examinations and its representatives are available when possible concerns arise. During and following the final examination process, parents and students can post comments and complaints on a designated platform ( as well as receive guidance on the follow-up procedure.

Contact persons:

Eleni Damianoui

Reet Escribano